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Right Career Choice!
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We were worried about guiding our bright but undecided son in class X, who frequently changed career aspirations. Then we connected with Fermata. Their process allowed our son to express his fears and dreams. With expert advice, he understood his choices better and decided to keep law and management open as options. Now, he is at peace with his decision, and so are we. We're thankful to Fermata for their support and guidance.
Building Future Career Choices
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नमस्ते मैम , हरमीत और निमिषा मैम का काउंसलिंग सत्र बहुत ही अच्छा था उन्होंने प्रज्ञा की आगामी तैयारी पर काफी बारीकी से बात की। उनके सुझाव काफी सटीक थे । उनके सुझावों को ध्यान रखते हुए मुझे अपनी बच्ची के भविष्य निर्माण में मदद मिलेगी। साथ ही मैं अल्मा मेटर स्कूल को बहुत धन्यवाद देना चाहती हूं जिन्होंने इतने जानकार लोगों के साथ सत्र रखा।,Praghya's mother Sandhya Gupta
Understand and Scale Business!
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Umaa Arun helped me understand how I can niche down on my: (i) Business offerings & framework (ii) Customer market (iii) 6 months target (iv) How to build & sustain my revenue model (v) Macro & micro action plans. Her coaching and mentoring helped me fine tune my ideas into scalable, revenue generating products and also to align my purpose and vision to solve my problems.(Founder of community hub platform)
Confident Businesswoman!
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Umaa’s ability to read and understand the underlying meaning an introvert’s (mine) thoughts and ideas was extremely helpful, as I gained confidence in clean, clear, improved communication! These insights have helped in giving shape to my marketing strategy too. (Solopreneur-Wealth Management Consultant)
Confident & Ready for University!
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My first interaction with Fermata was when my daughter chose her stream in class 11. Their experts and psychometric analysis helped her decision. We sought their help again for university applications, both in India and abroad. The career counselors offered valuable insights and guided her patiently to do things herself rather than providing ready-made solutions. We were pleased with the outcomes. Overall, they were knowledgeable, experienced, and professional.
Clarity via Career Assessment!
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I liked the report personally not only from my son's point of view but from the point of view that all aspects of career guidance are covered in the report. I will rate it high among what I have seen in my last 6-8 years association with this personality testing concept in the Corporate world. Thank you once again for bringing this experience & motivation to my son.
Monetise business Ideas!
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Umaa Arun is indeed a great Business Coach and someone who can help a person think about the ideas they have to solve a problem and build it into a monetising module . (New entrepreneur)
Offer from University of Toronto !
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Glad to share that my daughter has got an offer from St Michael college Toronto University, with a scholarship of $100k.
Focused Career Counseling!
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Today marks history! I studied for three hours straight with one break only, Dedication serves - This is the message I received from my daughter sometime back. I am really thankful to Harmeet and Dr.Richard for their efforts. After the counseling sessions, she has started to think about her career and is getting focused. I have found this counseling so helpful. Thanks a lot again for your efforts!
Offer from Ashoka University!
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I’m glad to inform you that I received a firm offer from Ashoka university this evening. Thank you so much for your guidance and support. 😊
Outcome driven approach !
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Mahima benefited from how to prepare a daily time table and plan her day. Mahima's mother Pooja Manwani.
Value-added Business Action-Plans!
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Umaa Arun is an extremely skilled and knowledgable business coach, but what I loved the most is - she was genuinely interested in our success! To me she was a staunch supporter. She worked her way up to understanding me and my business, and suggested action points which proved valuable. (Co-Founder, Climate sustainability industry)
Winning Teams & Effective Enterprises!
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Umaa Arun has created innumerable winning teams – many frontrunners amongst those donning leadership positions in credible organizations or else leveraging the learnings in their entrepreneurial forays. I would recommend Umaa to Corporates, Startups, Family driven ventures or aspiring individuals to seek her guidance enroute to joining the vital dots; all this while positioning themselves distinctly different amidst clutter. That to me is the real value addition that Umaa can create in the ecosystem around her ! That in many ways is also a testimony of her approach to humbly reciprocate with her trademark uniqueness quotient. ( Retail industry, Business owner)
Structuring Career Aspirations!
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'My current job was not giving me happiness and I was lost in defining my career. I had some aspirations but I was not able to take the next steps. I approached Fermata for Career Planning & Guidance. The career counselors helped me in a structured way to understand myself better and make a list of my career aspirations. Their step by step methodology, along with a lot of patience and professionalism helped me in narrowing down my career choices to two options from my list of aspirations and desires. We interacted through both online and offline modes and the online mode was equally interactive and warm as the offline mode. I thank them for the career guidance and in helping me to believe that my current qualifications will always be relevant in whatever I choose to do in my life''.
Unlock Entrepreneur Potential!
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"Umaa Arun is dedicated to unlocking the true potential of entrepreneurs and dispelling limiting beliefs. Our conversation helped me realize how important it is for my customers to know what I do and why I do it." (Co-Founder, Artworks venture)
Marketing Insights!
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My conversations with Umaa helped me fine tune my brand positioning and marketing strategy, particularly when it came to her suggestion on creating educational videos for my niche product. Her conversations motivated me & shifted my perceptions about hard work and commitment! (Solopreneur- Wire Jewellery)
Step-by-step Career Guidance!
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The counselors helped me in a structured way to understand myself better and make a list of my career aspirations. Their step-by-step methodology, along with a lot of patience and professionalism helped me in narrowing down my career choices to two options from my list of aspirations and desires. We interacted through both online and offline modes and the online mode was equally interactive and warm as the offline mode. I thank them for the career guidance and for helping me to believe that my current qualifications will always be relevant in whatever I choose to do in my life.
Job at Deloitte!
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Sir and you have helped me get into college and through all the big decisions I have made about my college life. I want to inform you that I have been placed at Deloitte as an Associate Analyst. My joining date is July 2022.
Confusion to Clarity!
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I really appreciate the support and help that team Fermata offered for Pragati. It was indeed very helpful and productive. I once again thank you for all the suggestions which were very helpful for my child's overall understanding and decision making for her future and her personality growth. Pragati's mother, Rajni
Guided Career Counseling!
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You have been a constant support and inspiration in my life. Thank you for helping me make all these tough decisions in my life and guiding me in the right path, Will Always be grateful to you and Sir.
Helpful Career Counseling!!
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Have used services of Harmeet for career counseling for my daughter and it turned out be a very informative and helpful and satisfying session
Aligned Career Counseling!
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Thank you for your encouragement and advice. Your analogy with reference to the righteous defeating the evil has aligned me to understand the circumstances in which I was caught up in.
Follow up career guidance is impactful!
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The session was great. Thank you so much for helping me make that connection. Now things make more sense. I would like this whole exercise to be a sustained one for at least this year. So apart from the 2-3 initial sessions that I would be having with you, it will be great if we can also schedule some follow up sessions once in 2-3 months to see if I am not getting stuck.
Build an entrepreneur mindset!
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A unique business leader and coach, Umaa is proficient whilst she manages a bundle of assignments for her clients. Umaa has a knack for problem solving and inculcating a growth mindset – all that in a visible collaborative mode. This gets abundantly reflected in her over 3 decades of loaded experience in varied domains by way of marquee interventions, thereby vastly benefitting her clients and mentees. (Retail industry, Partner)
Business structure & Team roles!
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"The demarcation between different aspects of business, how to structure my business was very helpful. I have been wanting to define roles and assign tasks for my team for a while. And it doesn't get done. My conversations with Umaa opened ways to do that. (Founder, Artisanal Bakery)
Investment Readiness!
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I did not realize the importance of a good mentor (while being a business coach too) running a start-up until I met Umaa Arun.The second phase dealt with investment readiness and Umaa Arun helped me assess my current standing very well and shared pointers for improvement. I worked on her suggestions with respect to what investors look for while investing in startups and set up my long-term and short-term goals accordingly. I strongly recommend young entrepreneurs looking for strategic advice and investment readiness to connect with her and other mentors who can be good advisors to avoid mistakes before approaching investors. (Co-Founder, climate impact industry)
Action-Oriented Strategies!
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There are very few conversations in your life that you find worthy of replaying again and again in your mind, and then there are fewer ones that make you want to 'do' something more... Conversations with Umaa Arun were exactly that way!!! I thank you wholeheartedly for such amazing business coaching-mentoring sessions, the extra time and effort that you put in with us, and the deep insights which have helped us tremendously…(Founder-Experiential Education industry)
Innovative ideas and strategies!
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Umaa Arun is all about helping new businesses and entrepreneurs, offering fresh perspectives and valuable expertise. When we discussed marketing strategies, Umaa Ma'am introduced me to some innovative ideas I'd never considered. And get this – she even offered to connect me with her investor contacts! My interactions with her have opened me to new perspectives and strategies! (Co-Founder, Artisanal Tea Blends)
Insightful Business Coaching!
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Umaa’s profound business knowledge and insightful ideas truly stand out as exemplary. I am already diligently implementing the suggestions provided by her, and the profitable outcomes have not only increased my self-confidence but are totally motivating me to experiment more! ( Solopreneur- Baking industry)

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