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We at Fermata, are Guides and Catalysts who help create right opportunities with a right mindset, thereby empowering individuals and organizations to turn their aspirations into reality with an outcome to be efficient and staying relevant in the world of tomorrow.

Our multifaceted team believes in individual uniqueness, harmony of diversity, and a client-centered approach. Our experiential learnings have shown that when individuals and companies keep pursuing their individuality over a period of time, the process leads them to realize excellence and then they create something of their own!  Fermata strives to promote a “culture of competence and shared values” to create a more valuable society.

Conceived in 2011, pivoted in 2015 and restructured in 2018. Our story is about resilience, about pivoting, about paradigm shifts and shared learnings that are a combination of new ways of being, of being open to new ideas and concepts, of intellect and emotions, of science and common sense, of individual and groups, of work and play and striving for a wholeness of life!

Fermata offers a multitude of related services for students, working professionals,entrepreneurs, business leaders and organizations. These integrated services benefit our clients by way of high conveniences as also saving their time and additional costs.

Our commitment is visible in the way we do business, and in the way we live our values. The way we  value our team and clients, is at the heart of who we are.

As an organization, we are consistently striving for better outcomes, improving our internal systems, processes & operations as also our products & programs.

The Fermata team has a singular mission: to help our clients, our people and our community succeed with confidence! We embrace the opportunity to do better today, to create a stronger tomorrow.

We look forward to working with you.

Best Regards
Umaa Arun