Enhancing Customer Centricity

Overview: Furniture retail business. Founder Rajesh has been in this industry for 15 years. The company was known for its wide range of quality furniture, specializing in classic handcrafted pieces.

Challenge: Rajesh noticed that, although sales remained consistent, customer feedback indicated dissatisfaction with the service experience. The business was experiencing stagnation and a decline in repeat business, leading to a plateau in new customer acquisition.

Root Cause Analysis: Upon conducting a comprehensive analysis the root cause was identified- a disconnect between customer expectations and the service delivery. Additionally, there was no structured customer feedback loop to promptly address issues.

Approach:  Implemented a robust feedback mechanism to capture real-time customer insights. Conducted customer service training for employees to align service delivery with customer expectations. Streamlined in-store processes and shopping experience. Encouraged a culture shift towards customer-centricity by involving employees in regular discussions about customer feedback and improvement strategies.

Outcome:  Increased customer satisfaction ratings within six months. Achieved a 15% increase in sales due to improved customer retention and new customer referrals.  A notable improvement in employee morale and engagement, contributing to better service delivery.

(Client names have been modified for privacy reasons)

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