Mapping college list to potential and aspirations

Student X, a dedicated student enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), sought assistance in mapping out his college list during his final term of grade 11. He was passionate about pursuing psychology at the university level, and his Higher Level (HL) subjects included biology, English literature, and psychology, while his Standard Level (SL) subjects comprised mathematics, French, and chemistry.

Initially, X demonstrated enthusiasm and commitment to his academic goals. However, the transition from the CBSE curriculum to the IB curriculum posed challenges that affected his grades, not meeting his expectations. Consequently, he fell behind in his grade 11 finals.

X’s parents held contrasting views on his university choices. His mother advocated for a practical approach, encouraging him to consider a diverse range of university options. On the other hand, his father was adamant about focusing solely on prestigious universities in the United States. This persisted until X’s predicted grades did not meet the requirements for admission to these top institutions.

Our approach to assisting students in mapping their college list revolves around creating personalized university lists that align with their academic capabilities and aspirations. We prioritize opportunities for acceptance over potential rejections by considering a diverse range of universities that match the student’s profile. By doing so, we aim to facilitate successful admissions outcomes and support their educational journey effectively, ensuring a positive and fair approach to higher education opportunities.

(Client names have been modified for privacy reasons)

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