Revitalizing a Beauty Salon in a Competitive Market

Overview: Bhavika, based in Manchester, started her beauty salon five years ago. Over time, she noticed a reduction in clients and sales as various new salons opened in nearby areas. Balancing the demands of managing her business, raising two children, and caring for her aging parents who lived close by, Bhavika faced significant challenges but was determined to succeed.

Challenge: The beauty salon experienced a decline in clientele and revenue due to increased competition. Additionally, Bhavika struggled to manage her time effectively between her business, family responsibilities, and personal well-being.

Root Cause Analysis: The root cause of Bhavika’s challenges included:

  •  The influx of new salons in the area drew away potential and existing clients.
  •  Bhavika’s salon did not have a unique value proposition that set it apart from competitors.
  •  Bhavika’s dual role as a business owner and caregiver left her stretched thin, impacting her ability to focus on business growth strategies.


  • Conducted thorough market research to understand client preferences and identify gaps in the services offered by competitors.
  • Developed a unique value proposition by introducing specialized services that catered to specific customer needs.
  • Assisted Bhavika in rebranding her salon to highlight its unique offerings by developing a targeted marketing strategy
  • Streamlined salon operations by implementing efficient booking and customer management systems. Helped her train her staff to ensure high-quality services
  • Provided Bhavika with time management coaching and guided her to connect with local support resources to assist with caregiving duties for her aging parents.

  • Outcome:
  • Within six months, Bhavika saw a 25% increase in new clients and a significant rise in repeat customers due to the unique services and improved customer experience.
  • The salon’s revenue grew as a result of the rebranding and targeted marketing efforts.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency led to smoother salon operations, reducing Bhavika’s workload and stress levels.
  • Bhavika achieved a better work-life balance, allowing her to focus on both her family and business without feeling overwhelmed.

(Client names have been modified for privacy reasons)

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