Transforming a Cloud Kitchen into a Culinary Success

Overview: Sanjay and Riddhi, a husband-and-wife duo, relocated to India from Singapore after years of working in corporate jobs. Driven by their passion for food, they started a cloud kitchen specializing in state-specific cuisine. However, with limited knowledge about running a business, they faced numerous challenges in growing their venture.

Challenge: Sanjay and Riddhi struggled with refining their business plan and model, executing their strategy effectively, and leveraging both in-person networking and online food distribution channels to grow their cloud kitchen.

Root Cause Analysis: The primary issues included:

  • Their corporate background did not fully prepare them for the intricacies of running a cloud kitchen.
  • Their initial business plan lacked clarity and practical strategies for growth and sustainability.
  • They were not utilizing in-person and online networking opportunities to their full potential, missing out on key partnerships and customer engagement.
  • They were not effectively leveraging online food distribution platforms, leading to limited market reach.


  • We worked closely with Sanjay and Riddhi to refine their business plan, focusing on clear, actionable strategies for growth. This included identifying their target market, defining their unique value proposition, and setting realistic financial projections.
  • Guided streamlining kitchen operations, optimizing the menu for profitability, and ensuring high standards of food quality and safety.
  • Advised them on how to leverage both in-person and online networking opportunities. 
  • Developed an online marketing strategy to help them navigate online food platforms to increase their visibility and attract more customers through these platforms.


  • Within six months, Sanjay and Riddhi saw a 40% increase in orders due to the improved business plan and effective execution of their model.
  • By leveraging online food distribution channels, their customer base expanded significantly, reaching more food enthusiasts interested in their state-specific cuisine.
  • Their active participation in local and online networks led to valuable partnerships and a stronger brand presence in the community.
  • Streamlined kitchen operations and a well-optimized menu contributed to higher profit margins and consistent food quality.

(Client names have been modified for privacy reasons)

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