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Transitioning from being a homemaker to an entrepreneur or a working professional  is challenging but equally exciting!

Whether you’re re-entering the workforce after a career break or starting anew, your journey is significant. As a homemaker, you’ve devoted your time and energy to nurturing your loved ones and supporting their career paths. Amidst this, you’ve honed valuable skills of attention and action. Now, you’re eager to embark on your own professional journey.

In the dynamic landscape of the professional world, we acknowledge that your path is uniquely yours. Our committed team of career counselors is here not only to offer guidance but also to forge a personal connection with you. We strive to understand your dreams, aspirations, and the challenges you may encounter. It’s more than just about finding a job; it’s about fostering your individual growth and well-being.

Few common CONCERNS of homemaker: 

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We know how to ensure academic, professional and personal happiness with the right ASK (attitude, skills and knowledge). We help our clients define and achieve their short term and long term goals while developing a learner mindset, life skills to solve problems and the cognitive muscle to make informed and independent career decisions.

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In this initial step, the career counselor aims to get to know you better. The expert employs various tools and methodologies to assess your attitudes, skills, and knowledge. This comprehensive understanding forms the foundation for personalized guidance tailored to your unique career aspirations and potential.

Investment – Rs 3500/

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Being objective about yourself is hard. That’s why our psychologist, neuroscientist and career strategists have created this career assessment. Learn more about your strengths and competencies. It’s truly an essential step in defining who you are. The results will help you learn, understand and leverage your traits at work.

Investment – Rs 1500/ (Advance level reports range from Rs 2000-Rs 3000)

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Thorough report analysis, emphasizing personality types, aims to provide clarity on higher education or job-role alignment and career growth. Step 3 guides you to make career decisions rooted in findings from steps 1 and 2. Shore up areas of improvement with the guidance of a coach, shortlist 2-3 tailored career options, crafting a defined path forward.

Investment – Rs 3000/

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Post career clarity and career roadmap, it is time to take action. Action on building skills for career growth and development. CareerGym has a 360-degree approach.

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Our career counselors, business coaches and industry experts not only craft a customized and actionable roadmap for you but also mentor and motivate you to uplift your mind and spirit. We help you overcome your roadblocks, create new opportunities and new solutions as you go on to define success on your own terms.

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