Decode Fermata’s Essence

Fermata is an Italian musical term that has a range of meanings from ‘ a stop, a pause, to fasten, to hold firmly, strong, stable and to support’.

Power of Pause

Pause before assuming. Pause before judging

Pause before reacting. Pause before acting

Pause before doubting. Pause whenever you are about to decide hastily and you’ll avoid saying and doing things you will later regret.

–  Umaa Arun (I/0 Psychologist & Business Coach) ; Harmeet Kaur (College & Career counselor)

The profound power of the pause, becomes that magical strength which acts like a transition-bridge from where you are now to where you want to go. Fermata, with its core values at the forefront, serves as the bedrock, offering support, and collaboration to clients and learners. Fermata is the Career + Business solutions firm of choice for numerous individuals and businesses in established markets and beyond. Our clients count on us for our deep industry experience, our values driven culture and our diverse services portfolio. Level up with Fermata and propel your career and business to new heights!

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