Welcome to Fermata, your trusted partner in empowering educational institutions with comprehensive training programs. We specialize in delivering high-quality workshops and coaching sessions tailored to the needs of educational institutions in India.

Our Expertise

Career Planning Workshops for Students

Our workshops equip students with the essential skills and knowledge to navigate their career paths successfully. Topics covered include self-awareness, decision making, stress management, time management, entrepreneurship, research methodologies, and exposure to over 100 career options across various streams.

Life Skills Training Defined by WHO

We offer comprehensive life skills training for both students and teachers. These workshops focus on essential skills such as self-awareness, empathy, creative thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication, interpersonal skills, coping with stress and emotions, and internalizing life skills for personal growth and well-being.

Leadership Coaching For Leadership Team

Our leadership coaching programs are designed to enhance the leadership capabilities of the head of departments, curriculum experts, head of school, senior faculty transitioning to leadership roles. Through a range of modules, we help them assess their leadership styles, build strong relationships, develop people management skills, enhance critical thinking, improve communication, and effectively manage stress levels.

Parenting Workshops

We understand the challenges of parenting in today’s world. Our parenting workshops cover topics such as preparatory parenting, proactive parenting, teenage parenting, substance abuse awareness, and building effective communication channels with Gen-Z teenagers. Gain valuable insights and strategies to navigate the parenting journey with confidence and create a positive impact on your child’s life.

Benefits of Our Training Programs

At Fermata, we believe in a combination of engaging and informative training methods delivered by experienced professionals. Our content is designed to strike the perfect balance between a friendly and professional tone, ensuring an enjoyable and valuable learning experience for all participants.

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