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According to statistics published in 2021 by the Small Business Administration (SBA), about 32% of business startups fail before two years. A little over half (51.1%) succumb to business failure within five years. By year 10, only 33.6% survive. The 15-year survival rate is 25.7%

Today’s business environment is dynamic, complex, non-linear and extremely challenging! Current times call for not just new but also creative, impactful and future oriented strategies for entrepreneurs and businesses to stay relevant in today’s business world.

Whether you are a startup or you are still establishing your business or you have plans to scale or maybe pivot , as an entrepreneur and a business leader you have had to confront obstacles and struggled to overcome them.

The top reasons small and mid sized businesses fail in these broad categories:

  • Coping with market competition
  • Inadequate financial management
  • Poor sales & marketing
  • Manage expansion
  • Pivot to a new business model
  • Ineffective business planning
  • Inadequate business management
  • People challenges- employees & clients
  • Unproductive leadership style
  • Implementing hit & trial strategies
  • Balancing quality & Growth
  • Skill and talent shortages
  • Lack of engagement & participation
  • Poor interpersonal relationships
  • Underperforming managers & Team leaders
  • Ambiguity on job roles
  • High customer churn
  • Low conversions from potential to paying customer
  • Vague information about your product or service
  • Lack of qualified leads

In this day and, in a business landscape that is non-linear, complex and dynamic, what is certain is that there is No avoiding these challenges!

Entrepreneurs are visionary people. However, to build a business from the ground up requires that vision to be translated into a clear purpose, orchestrating your own dynamic business development process that enables you to create both- a thriving enterprise and a creator of the impact of your  work on the world.

We are well-equipped to guide you to:

Let’s focus on your personal needs, which may include:

We invite you to recognise the ‘entrepreneur-genius‘ in yourself, and re-invent your enterprise with a deeper sense of purpose..to commit to the process of building a business that increases your financial, social and emotional capital exponentially and have real value in the world!.

Our Entrepreneur-business coaches partner with you, so you can “work ON your business and not IN it!”

We are committed to help you shape your business vision and re-energize the entrepreneur within you.

Every Business needs

Design and structure

Systems and processes

People management

Paying customers

Generate profits

Effective leadership

Scalable and sustainable

My Aim:

How do I add value as an Entrepreneur-Business Coach:

My entrepreneurship journey since 27 years, has been about living my passion, dreaming with my eyes open, going down the rabbit hole(s), losing everything and starting over again,  risking possibilities, strategizing  opportunities, taking massive actions on learnings from obstacles, failures and successes, making hard choices and tough decisions, acquiring new knowledge and skills and proactively building business-es & relationships along the way…These experiential learnings have made me a matured, seasoned entrepreneur while adding value and depth in my passion of business, entrepreneurship, enterprise and personal mastery!

No matter how “good” at business you are, no one can do everything alone. Having an entrepreneur-business coach/ strategist in your corner is essential. Every highly successful person had or has a coach of sorts or several. A coach gives you tools, strategies, fresh ideas and also keeps you on course to achieve your objectives.

A rich and joyful personal life and  a business that operates on maximum efficiency can co-exist! I’ve watched entrepreneurs transform their lives and their business from mess to masterpiece! 

Dear entrepreneurs and business owners, I also see you, hear you and appreciate you!

What is included in this coaching engagement?

I invite you to allow your vision to take form…

“We are stronger than we know.Like deep wells,we have a capacity for sustained creative action. Our lost dreams can come home to us” (Julia Cameron)

If you are battling with a business challenge or want to ace your game/ up your ante , book a free session to understand how your business could reach new heights.


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